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What’s Worship Like

What’s Worship Like?

Let’s be honest, when checking out a church we want to know…am I going to like the worship?  That’s what we really mean when we click a tab and wonder “What is their style of worship?”

At Waypoint, one of our core values is Authentic Worship.  Our worship gatherings seek to produce authentic times of prayer, praise and teaching.

  • Musically we desire to draw people into the worship gathering with excellence. We do not limit our song choices to hymns nor songs of praise, but seek authentic expressions of worship that bring us one step closer to Jesus Christ. Read Brad’s Blog about Worship “Soundtrack for Pilgrims”
  • Our times of prayer are not scripted rote prayers, nor awkward petitions for our great-aunt’s dog’s bunions, but we share with one another authentic expressions of where we have seen God at work this week, and where we need God to work.
  • Our time of teaching is Biblically-centered and Christ-focused. Teaching is not a lecture, but an invitation to explore God’s story and see how it weaves our stories into His story.

Instead of using stale language of the church that people struggle to understand or connect with, we strive to use language, music, visual art, video and experiences from ordinary life to draw us into the extraordinary life of Jesus Christ.

From our first worship service when the microphone wires went dead, and we improvised, we quickly learned that at Waypoint we are not going to take ourselves seriously, but we are going to take Jesus Christ seriously.  So to sum it up, our worship is Authentic.

Most importantly, though, we invite you to stop in and join us on the journey as we follow the One who calls us to “follow Him.”

IMG_7901Wes’s reflection on that first worship service:  “During our very first service, after months of prayers, support raising, inviting 78 people gathered for worship.  Brad began to sing into the microphone, when we discovered the microphone wire had gone dead.  Awkward silence ensued as he quickly began fiddling around to replace the wire.  At that moment, I jumped up and tried to distract the crowd with bad jokes in order to release the tension.  At that moment, unplanned came the words for Waypoint that ‘this is precisely who we want to be in worship at Waypoint.  We will not be polished and performance driven, nor will we take ourselves too seriously, however, we will take Christ and the Bible very seriously. Let us worship God.’  I was grateful for that first experience because it has become symbolic of our Authentic Worship style.”


When Does Worship Start? Coffee and Conversations

At Waypoint, we do not have a countdown clock for the service to start.  In fact, often if we find folks settled into their seats waiting for the service to begin, we will go up and gently remind them that church actually started 20 minutes ago out by the coffee tent where conversation, introductions, and community was being formed (notice the empty chairs).  Therefore, while the welcome begins at 10:00am, people are showing up investing in each other well before and well after the allotted time.  Hope you will join us!


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