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Waypoint’s mission is to transform, equip and send people with the Gospel to impact their spheres of influence.  We are church dedicated to disciple-making, where we understand disciples as followers of Jesus who help others find their way back to God.  Therefore we want people to become spiritual Trailblazers by following the Waypoint3:


After Moses’s death, Joshua was appointed the new leader of the Israelites as they entered into their new, promised future. As soon as they had crossed into this new territory, God tells Joshua to appoint leaders to pick up giant stones from the riverbed, and lug these stones over their shoulders. These people were Biblical Trailblazers.

In hiking terminology a trailblazer is one who goes ahead of the tourists, clearing debris, spotting dangers, and marking the path so that others can enjoy the journey more smoothly. Trailblazers have to become very familiar with the terrain, often passing over the same trail numerous times.

For Waypoint Community Church, Trailblazers are people who are tired of watching religious activity, but are willing to commit to the heavy lifting of our faith. Like the 12 Israelites, they will embrace the challenge by:Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 9.41.45 AM Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 9.41.54 AM

  • Inviting friends, coworkers, strangers and welcoming visitors.
  • Training our children with the gospel through BaseCamp and Explorers (Contact Carrie)
  • Investing financially into the mission.
  • Leading a small group.
  • Preparing the space for Worship.

Waypoint wants to be a church that is inviting, but also challenging–so dig and stop going to church to start being the church.  Check out our gathering points.

Ready to set down the next marker on your spiritual journey?  stop watching & start helping:


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