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New Direction: Common Excuses

March 16, 2016
16 Mar 2016

Title: Common Excuses

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Luke 9:57-62
What is getting in the way of you following Jesus Christ?

There is a sense of urgency in following Jesus Christ that places Him above all other priorities.

New Direction: Denial

March 9, 2016
09 Mar 2016

Title: Denial

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Mark 8:31-38
Where do you need to make a U-turn?

Following Jesus requires that we make a U-turn in order to deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Him.

The Main Thing: AMEN

March 3, 2016
03 Mar 2016

Title: The Main Thing I Believe…AMEN

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Hebrews 13:21-3
How are your beliefs being AMENed?

AMEN is not the end but a marker that declares our beliefs are being made so in the world.

The Main Thing: Everlasting Life

March 3, 2016
03 Mar 2016

Title: The Main Thing I Believe…Everlasting Life

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1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Through our faith IN Christ, the Holy Spirit gives us Hope in everlasting life THROUGH Christ, causing us to radically live our lives now FOR Christ.

The Main Thing: Forgiveness of Sins

February 14, 2016
14 Feb 2016

Title: The Main Thing I Believe…Forgiveness of Sins

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Colossians 3:8-13
From whom or for what do you need forgiveness?

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are able to take off our old clothes of anger and put on forgiven hearts.

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