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Quest for Meaning: Time for Everything

April 17, 2016
17 Apr 2016

Title: Time for Everything

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Ecclesiastes 3:1-16
What is God making beautiful in His time?

While we try to control time, we discover in Christ that in God’s good timing He will make all things beautiful.

Quest for Meaning: Meaninglessness

April 10, 2016
10 Apr 2016

Title: Meaninglessness

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Ecclesiastes 1:12-18 (Chasing Intellectualism), 2:1-3 (Pleasure), 2:4-11 (Materialism), 2:17-23 (Work)
What are you chasing in your life?

Our vain pursuits of wisdom, materialism, pleasure and work will leave us unsatisfied unless we are saturated with the living water of Jesus Christ.


Quest for Meaning: Achieved

April 4, 2016
04 Apr 2016

Title: Achieved

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1 Kings 3:7-13
What are you profiting from all your labor?

While we want to achieve greatness, often our flaws get in the way of showing God’s goodness.

New Direction: On the Road Again

March 27, 2016
27 Mar 2016

Title: On the Road Again

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Luke 24:13-36
What is getting in the way of you seeing Jesus?

 Jesus spends the afternoon of Easter pursuing us so that our eyes may be opened to Him.

New Direction: March Towards Death

March 20, 2016
20 Mar 2016

Title: March Towards Death

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Mark 11:1-11
What would you do differently, if you knew you were going to die?

Beneath the pageantry of the triumphal entry, Jesus knew that this was his march towards an agonizing death for us.

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