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At Waypoint we take our faith seriously, but not ourselves.

10AM Sundays at Queens University Sports Complex on Tyvola Rd.

We invite you to join us no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, but also we want you to feel challenged and encouraged to take one more step along that journey.

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Queens Sports Complex

We meet in the Sports Complex of Queens University at 2229 Tyvola Road.

Coming eastbound on Tyvola, how do I avoid making a U-Turn at Park Road?

Turn left at the Marion Diehl Park Entrance, and wind pass the pool and soccer fields and you will come upon the lion statue.

Why 10am?
Because we tend to overschedule our lives, we want to meet at an hour that leaves sufficient time for folks to linger after the service and get to know one another without the pressure of rushing off to the next activity.

What’s the dress like?
Since we worship a God who put on human flesh to come to us—in all our flaws and mess—we worship however we feel comfortable. Some may like the comfort of blue jeans, while others may like the discipline of putting on ties and Sunday dresses.  So you are invited to gather in whatever makes you comfortable.

How long?
Our worship service will run less than an hour. There is a worship song that sings repetatively: “How long must I sing this song?” Rather than droning on, worship should be engaging, inspiring and equipping. It should be a time of inhaling the Spirit to be exhaled out into the city. We don’t want to hold our breath, nor do we want shallow breathing—neither will give us the stamina to continue on in the race.

What about my kids and youth?
The phenomenon of extracting children and youth from worship is a recent development in the church. At Waypoint, all children are invited to participate in worship. However, we also recognize that families often prefer nursery for very young children and we believe that preschool children benefit from a focused time of biblical foundation, and so we offer BaseCamp as our children’s ministry. For more information on BaseCamp (take a look)….

Where are the Wed. Night Suppers?
Rather than over-program our lives, Waypoint’s mission is to equip you to live out the gospel where you are. So if you want Wednesday night suppers, we will equip you to invest and invite people out for dinner. If you want to do missions uptown or in Peru, we will help you rub shoulders with folks who have been there and will help guide you. Our goal is not to guilt you into another church event, but to push you out into the community to live the Gospel daily.

So why come to Waypoint?

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