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“It’s obvious, isn’t it? The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.” ~Luke 12:34 (The Message)

Giving “is always a call to conversion. All are called into a new, more spiritual relationship with their needs and their resources.” ~Henri Nouwen

I once heard a pastor call for the offering by inviting people to “put money in the plate because it helps pay for lightbulbs and tolietpaper.” This uninspiring call actually misses the entire objective of Spiritually Giving, it is not about meeting specific needs—it is about participating in the inspiring and perspiring mission of following Jesus Christ.

For some reason churches are often squeamish about talking with their members and attendees about financially supporting the mission of the church. This is unfortunate, because our financial lives are tremendous components of our overall spiritual health, as Jesus reminds us in Luke 12:34. I like to call our giving a Spiritual Barometer where the precise amount is inconsequential to most of us—how many of us know what 101.325 kPa means—but the pressure it places on our lives affords us the opportunity to gauge our discipleship.

Are we being challenged financially by Christ, as well as intellectually and emotionally?

At Waypoint, our goal is create a genuine and authentic community of faith following Jesus Christ. Therefore, we want to challenge people to follow Christ daily, and help us consider where we spend our money and our time as these are huge markers of discipleship.

We want to encourage you to participate in this mission financially, therefore there are many ways to give at Waypoint Community Church

Ways to Contribute

  • During our weekly offering through cash (non-contribution status) or check;
  • By mailing a check to 7804 Fairview Road #220, Charlotte, NC 28226
  • By setting up online bill pay feature to send money directly to Waypoint;
  • Through our PayPal account (of which PayPal receives 2.25%+.30cents): LINK
  • Through year-end giving and stock transfers (contact for transfer documents)
  • Link your Amazon account to Waypoint for 0.5% of every purchase through

Waypoint is a non-profit 501c3, and will provide contribution statements for all gifts. Please contact 704-837-1043 if you have any questions, need account information for online billpay, or concerns–Waypoint Community Church will be honestly transparent with contributions, cash positions, personnel costs.

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