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Pray:How To

Sunday July 3rd, we are exploring John 17 and why we pray.Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.35.36 PM

Much like C.S. Lewis quip that if you want to learn how to love, simply start by trying to love.  The same can be said for prayer.  If you want to learn how to pray, just start praying.

In that effort, Lauren Thrift, part of our prayer team has offered these resources and suggestions to help equip you to start praying.

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Act It Out

Join this Sunday morning Bible Study at 8:30am.

For this Sunday, please try to read ACTS 9:32-11:18

KEY EVENTS in these verses:
1. Peter’s travels took him to Lydda where he runs into a bedridden paralytic named Aeneas. Without hesitation Peter tells Aeneas he is healed by Jesus Christ and to GET UP so he does. Pretty soon thereafter, all those in Lydda and Sharon turned to the Lord.
2. Over in Joppa a caring and sharing woman name Dorcas died and her friends, knowing Peter was not far away in Lydda, send for him. When Peter shows up at Dorcas’ house, there is a group of disciples present in the room with the deceased Dorcas. Peter asks them to leave the room and then prays on his knees and says to Dorcas GET UP and when she hears his voice she sits up. Peter takes her out and presents her to them alive, and many people believe in the Lord.
3. Shortly after this, a devout God-fearing Roman centurion over in Caesarea named Cornelius (i.e., a non-Jew) is visited by an angel of the Lord who tells him to summons Peter from Joppa. Simultaneously God sends a dream to Peter with all kinds of animals in it and then a voice wakens Peter and tells him to GET UP, kill and eat. Peter goes to meet with Cornelius which is a huge step across some pretty big religious boundaries of the day. A great conversation between the two ensues and a moment reminiscent of Pentecost in Act 2 occurs. But the news of the Jews-with-Gentiles event spread so Peter went back to Jerusalem to explain to the circumcised believers. When they heard Peter’s explanation they had no further objections.

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BASECAMP: An Intentional Summer

By August, don’t we all tend to say, “Where did the summer go?”
What would it look like if you lived with an attention this summer, rather than letting months slip by.  Below, Carrie Torres challenges our families to put down the distractions and embrace the slower paced summer.  What would it look like for you to live an intentional summer this summer?

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