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Parenting in the Pew: Advent Activities

img_1281It’s that time again, December and Christmas are upon us!

We have taken a somewhat different approach to Christmas this year, especially for our children at Waypoint. As we study the Gospel of Matthew and discuss the Backwards logic of Christmas we wanted to change some Christmas traditions.

Instead of focusing on the “pretty” of Christmas, we want to empower our children and youth to think beyond themselves, their gifts, their Christmas lists, what they are going to wear….the list goes on and on. Read more

Impact: Pinewood Elementary

When we signed the contract with Queens for use of their Sports Complex we were notified that 9-25 they would have an event and we would have to relocate.  For months the oversight team, Brad and Carrie wrestled with what should we do? Should we join with a local church for worship? Should we return to Myers Park for one Sunday? Should we try to use Symphony Park?  The team then decided, let’s all go over to the area elementary school that is a Title 1 school and see how we could serve them.

Little did we know how God’s perfect timing would align for us, the school and our city.

Read more

Sept 25th Worship: Going to Serve

1) What is going on this Sunday (September 25th)?
This Sunday, we are gathering at Pinewood Elementary School (Seneca Pl. 28210) at 10am to worship through service.

2) Why?

While the Queens Sports Complex is being used, we wanted to embody our mission of going one step further out into mission and service in Jesus Christ’s name. Read more

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